Customization Fabric Advertising Light Box


    Illuminate your Marketing
           There are many applications in which LED light boxes can be used. 
    We’re here to help you choose the best light box application for your use case or business. 
    LED light box are lighting sources that use LED strips to provide even, energy-efficient lighting. 

          Snap frame light boxes have a frame around the perimeter of the panel that allows you to 
    easily change out your graphic, which is printed on a backlit film. 

          fabric light boxes use stretch fabric to create a seamless, wrinkle-free surface for your graphic panel. 

          LED light boxes use internal lighting to illuminate a graphic of your choice. 
    They are typically used for advertising or informational purposes, and can 
    be found in a variety of settings, from retail stores to train stations. 
    There are three main types of light boxes: SEG fabric light boxes, 
    snap frame light boxes, and LED light panels.